At Transporeon we embrace transformation and change in total sync with one another. We rethink, reinvent and rework ideas from one moment to the next – as many times as is necessary to get the job done right. That’s how we respond to the new challenges that we face each and every day. And regardless of whether you are just starting your career or are already a pro – we believe you can be the transformation. Are you ready?

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Product Data Scientist (f/m/d)

Your transformation challenge?

Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Collaborate with business stakeholders to discern and document their needs.

Data Management:

  • Prepare datasets for model training and fine-tuning.
  • Adhere to data privacy standards.

Modeling and Prototyping:

  • Understand, investigate, and validate stakeholder needs using appropriate research methods.
  • Help define success criteria for prototyping.
  • Fine-tune closed and open-source LLMs to fit specific requirements.
  • Develop prototypes to address identified stakeholder needs.
  • Create front-end interfaces using TypeScript or Python.
  • Evaluate and communicate the outcomes.

Deployment & Infrastructure Management:

  • Deploy and oversee prototypes on cloud infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve any post-deployment issues.

You are ready, if you ...

  • love the idea of being able to do a bit of everything, when and wherever it’s needed (mostly scoped to the vague realm of “data”).
  • prefer to make decisions and take initiative
  • are passionate about solving real-world challenges using data, working closely with product development teams.
  • have a blend of data science and development skills (familiarity with Python; ideally with TypeScript)
  • are excelling in tasks from stakeholder discussions to deploying prototypes in cloud environments
  • have hands-on experience with LLMs and practical knowledge of production AI/ML systems.
  • have the ability to quickly adopt and learn new technologies, methodologies, or tools as required.

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Possible countries of employment ...

Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Slovakia, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Estonia and Hungary