At Transporeon we embrace transformation and change in total sync with one another. We rethink, reinvent and rework ideas from one moment to the next – as many times as is necessary to get the job done right. That’s how we respond to the new challenges that we face each and every day. And regardless of whether you are just starting your career or are already a pro – we believe you can be the transformation. Are you ready?

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Senior Data Engineer (f/m/d)

Your transformation challenge ...

  • You can make a difference in the logistic world by helping to offer to our customers nearly real time end-to-end visibility of their shipment throughout the different modes of transportation process. 
  • Building efficient data storage solutions, such as data warehouses and data lakes.
  • Designing, building, maintaining data pipelines to extract, transform, and load data from a variety of sources. Optimizing data pipelines for performance and scalability.
  • Implementing and improving data security and privacy measures to ensure the protection of sensitive data.
  • Developing and maintaining documentation for data systems.
  • Collaborating with data scientists to understand their data needs and assist in the development of models and analyses.
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices in data engineering and bringing this specialized knowledge to product engineers.

Here you can read more about the product:

Transporeon Visibility Hub

How can you enrich our team ...

  • With your strong knowledge of software engineering principles and best practices, ideally with previous experience in software development.
  • Bringing your experience with data engineering technologies, data warehousing, ETL processes, and data integration. Deep insight in performance/cost optimization.
  • With your understanding of data pipeline/storage/querying scalability. 
  • With your ability to work independently and drive your topics.
  • By understanding the purpose of your task, thinking it though and bringing it further with latest technology.
  • Supporting product engineers with your knowledge.

Our tech-environment:

  • TypeScript and Node.js
  • Kafka with protobuf v3 messages
  • Kubernetes
  • Google cloud managed services - BigQuery, buckets, logging etc.
  • Infrastructure as code

Possible countries of employment...

Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Finland, Slovakia, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Estonia and Hungary